Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Top 5 Bloggers

My Top 5 Bloggers
1. Arnie Trumata
2. Chezalou Batulan
3. Joanna Almazan
4. Ronald Zarain
5. Joana Rose Yadao
Mga Bloggers para sa akin yan ha!!! ayaw ko ng issue!!! basta yan ang mga nabasa kong post na magaganda! binasa ko sa laman hindi sa English Grammar o sa style ng pag post!! have a great Semester!!! gudluck Guys!!!

Computer in knowledge!

Computer Leads Us!
Sa Computer Class namin!? Ay, naku!! Makulit din ung Prof. namin! pero marami kang matututunan sa kanya noh! akala nyo puro pasaway lang? aminado ako si RONALD lang yun!!! kung hindi dahil sa computer hindi ako ngayon mag popost ng article ko! at kung anek-anek pang mga laman ng computer! si Prof. magaling yan! kaso hindi ako nakakain ng chocolate!
Computer Lead us to a new world of living. this was a thing that improves the quality of people nowadays! it can do everything that people think that it so hard. Computer is a small thing but a big hlp to us. Our Prof. teach us a basic function of computer with out this subject and with out our Prof. I can't explore the world of technologies. Now I know it has many to do that you can have fun of it! or you can can just have a business using online, that's the advantage of computers.

My Precious College Life!

How Life with out Collge?
They say College Life is difficult! "Oo nga, Difficult" because for me I go for another ambiance and another friends but thanks to my aspiring BSBA 1-1MA classmates, I'm not totally difficult to new beginning. In High School we say "Bahala na!" but now I Learn so much and I say "Bahala na Ako!". Kung dati katulong natin ang ating mga teachers at classmates ngyon ang sarili na natin! "Kayo ang gumagawa ng mga grades nyo! taga compute lng kami!" yan ang laging sinasabi ng mga Prof. ngayon. That's all I'm saying now but join me to continue my the another journey of studying, The Journey of Collge Life.

The WikiFilipinas for me!

The Philippine Repertoire
Based on my Knowledge about philippines are filipinos are commonly called as Industrious and Hospitable people on Earth! that is the perception of other foreigners who was coming and experciencing the lives of Filipinos. We treat other people special but in our self we don't give some consideration? try to think about it to your self? Did you that Filipinos ay isang "Dakilang Mananakop" because of our filipinos workers in abroad. All country in this earth has a lot of filipinos they are just giving our nation a good economy that's why I salute to power of Filipinos!
In means of giving honors to our country my best example is the residnt artist of th Cultural Center of the Philippines because all of years they are giving honorary medals, appreacitions, salute honor came from other counrtry as they compete. I would like to mention the Artist of the CCP, starting of the Bayanihan National Folk Dance Company of the Philippines, The Ramon Obusan Folkloric Dance Group, The Ballet Philippines, The Philippines Ballet Theater, all of that is the great artist as I know because I, as a young artist here in marikina a Cultural dancer and also I would to mention the Marikina Dance Guild who is also giving honor to the philippine in means of good and excellencnt dig in dance.
As the end of my blog of wikifilipinas only i mention the important and giving honors to My Mother Land the Excellence of Filipinos in Arts!! Mabuhay ang kapwa ko Artist ng Pilipinas!!!!

Personal Blog " The Journey of Life"

Friendship for Last
people that know me much better saying " Isang Makulit, Pasaway at Masayahing Tao pero isa ding matapat at trustworthy" that's my characteristics that I will never change despite of everything happns to my life that's my perceptions. Do you know why? I've proven to them that I'm worth of it!when they alone, sad,or even in a nice mood just me, beside them they all gonna b Happy, because I don't want they leave me! for me all people surround me, "You are all Special" in the past few years I think about what if someday people doesn't love me, or hate me? what I'm gonna do? that's why I started to find true friends that can't leave me until when my hairs turn gray.
Journey of Love
Love can be found in the right way, but me I don't think about that! for me 16yrs. of leaving in this world I don't feel the word Love, Although my family and relatives, because love for me is accompanied of appreciation and love that accompanied until the death. And until now that I'm old enough I don't have lovelife, in my age now the truth is I'm suppose to be searching for the right girl for me. I think in my mind I'm not ready but I know in my heart saying GO! but I'm afraid of everything like, maybe if I found a girl and I really fall inlove of her and she doesn't like me I feel that I'm Down!, down because I'm hopeless again i start again searching. I'm a Losser! because of this Stupid Love! this is only the abstract that I really-really to afraid this is my weakness of all. Just give me a chance to tell a story, one story of my Journey of Love.
When I was 4th year High School and the school year started I met new frinds and classmates i was in section 1 and the girl was in section 2 so evry class day end we see in each other in school ground. I feel that time was I fall inlove with her! you know why? because very night that i have dream, I dreamt about a girl figure like her so I just wanted to make sure that she is.... My love affair continue we had a great friendship I know that sh already know that I Love her so much not being a friends but more than friends. Everything that i could borrow it from her, I just borrow like a "Footsock" this was a thing that everyday I borrow it after their computer class the mere fact of that just wanted to see her. The best day in my high school days is our J'S Prom. she is my first and last dance with the help of my adviser because I trully "Torpe" on that day. But offcourse it has a worst day Dated on February 14, she gave me a letter saying this:
February 14, 2007
Una sa lahat "Hello sa'yo". Hmmmm...... Gusto ko sanang mag thank you sa'yo dahil naging kaibigan kita salamat dahil nandyan ka thank you rin sa mga ginawa mo at yung mga gift mo nung chritmas. Actually nagulat ako kasi nagregalo ka nakakahiya nga eh! kasi la me mabigay sa'yo. Sorry dahil minsan di kita napapansin kasi dami kasing sctivities!!! Sensya na ha! dito ko naisulat ok lang ba? tungkol naman sa footsocks pwedeng-pwede mo namang hiramin anytime!!! Mabait, Gentleman ka at masipag alam ko namang marami ring magkakagusto sayo, mayroon din dyan baka nga siguro nasa tabi mo lang!! Hindi kita makakalimutan ikaw pa! Alam mo makakahanap ka rin naman dyan ng ibang babae eh! mayroon din iba dyan na mamahalin ka kasi hindi ko rin maibabalik sayo yung nararamdaman mo para sa'kin
After I receice that and read it! I promise to my self that I will never stop. That's why I change my cell no. and I txt her and introduce my self as a other people I txt her only I don't want to leave me in air I'm a good sutor of her in txt. Finally she answered m as other people not as mj but for me I'm so happy. and now we broke up because she found a new one " Sino ba naman ako, eh sa txt lang nya ako BF " that's why I let hr to njoy the true meaning og love but I promise to my self until I Breathing Air I will not leave her